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What makes our school such a great place to be?

As you look around you will see friendly faces and endless opportunities. Look beyond the school buildings to the hills, keep your eyes focused upward and outward and you will see the spaces in which to grow as an individual, as a learner, as a member of this community.

We offer a strong grounding in the basics, with a focus on literacy and numeracy skill development, and individual learning plans. Opportunities for extra-curricular extension include interschool sport, instrumental music lessons, and the MART ski program each winter. Our VCE offerings are broad, based on our long-standing collaboration with Marian College. The opportunities are there for the taking, and fresh ones created continually, as students, staff and parents work together to provide many different ways for our learners to grow.

Our facilities have been extensively improved over the last four years. We have a Science Language Centre, a Years 5-8 open plan learning environment, and a Trade Training Centre. Our office area has been upgraded and our grounds recreated around the new buildings. Our lovely open library caters for all levels of students, and we have netbooks for all Year 9-12 students, as well as great technology in the school. Our year 10-12 students have their own 'base' in the old main wing, and our Prep – 2 students have their own safe space at the front of the school.

What do you need to know to be happy here?

First of all, you need to know our 4 values. Second, you need to know our values… really all you need to know is our values!

Why would you enjoy being part of our Myrtleford P12 College community?

We are in the midst of a long history of providing education to young people in Myrtleford and will continue doing so. "No man is an island…" wrote the poet, John Donne, in the thirteenth century; in the twenty-first century, we continue as part of this community, educating local young people. To be a student here means to be a part of the MP12 College community, and your growth as an individual parallels your growth as a citizen in the local and global community. We know this is a great place to be, our data shows our student's growth over each successive year, and a walk down our corridors shows that this is a happy, productive environment.

Zlatko Pear,