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Years 7-12 BYOD Computer Program

From the start of 2021 the college’s BYOD program for years 7 -12 students was changed. We have arranged for our supplier to provide a website where students/parents/guardians can purchase compatible devices direct from the suppliers. This will give purchasers more flexibility in repayment, warranty, and insurance options.

You are encouraged to use this site / supplier as the company is used  to supplying to education institutions and know our minimum standards,  but you are not compelled to use them as long as you have a device that meets the minimum standards.

Minimum Standards
The college network is mainly based on the windows operating system and our curriculum is based around windows. However, computers that run the Apple OSX operating system can be catered for. Other devices such as Ipads, Tablets, chromebooks, mobile phones are not compatible with the school computer network environment.

As a minimum both Window and OSX devices must have:

A carry bag is highly recommended

Warranty and insurance.
It is recommended that extended warranty is taken out on any device. Consider insurance depending on your circumstances, the device may be covered in your existing house and contents coverage. You can choose between loss, theft and accidental damage.

Our Suppliers
Our supplier has established a website to assist in the purchase process

More information including a Q & A will be posted on the college website.

You must purchase a copy of windows/OSX with the device, most other required software will be provided by the college including Office (Word, Excel etc.). Windows comes with its own built in antivirus software. You may like to consider purchasing a commercial antivirus/malware product that extents this protection to protect from malicious websites. This software usually comes as a package to cover all your home devices.

The college also reserves the right to refuse access to the college’s network if any detrimental software or activity is noticed on any device.  

The college will provide support to all BYOD devices on a best effort basis. However, all hardware issues will need to be taken up with the suppliers.

For licensing, all devices need to be registered with the college before they are connected or used within the college

As always please contact the college if you have any questions or are having difficulties with the supply of a BYOD device, there are a number of programs that may be of assistance.

Q & A

Do all students have to bring their own computer to school?
      • All Secondary students should have their own. Please contact the college if you have any questions or are having ANY difficulties related to sourcing a computer.
Can students charge their computer devices at school?
      • No. Due to OH&S issues the charging of laptops is not permitted at the college.  Power cords in classrooms create trip hazards and all power cords within the college need to be tested and checked by a qualified person yearly.
Can students bring any type of computer device to school?
      • NO, the computer device must meet the following minimum specifications:
      • Windows 10 Pro/enterprise/education or OSX 10.8 or newer
        # Please note: If you purchase a Windows device in “S” mode please switch out of “S” mode before you bring the device to school. Use the instructions HERE to switch out of “S” mode.
      • A Physical Keyboard
      • Celeron Processor or greater
      • at least 4GB Ram or greater
      • at least 128 GB harddrive or greater
      • at least an 11.6” screen
      • 6 hour battery life
      • Wireless card (ac or gn)

I have ordered my device, now what?

      • Our suppliers will be taking a break from late December to early January. You can still purchase devices through the portal during this time.
      • After this date the school will arrange for bulk delivery of the devices to the school. They will be loaded into the system, configured and loaded with software. The school will then contact families and arrange pickup/drop off/ or if you prefer, we can hold on to the devices until the start of the school term.
Where can students get repairs done if needed
      • Firstly see the college techs, they will advise on the next course of action. If this is a simple software issue it can usually be fixed within the college. If it is a hardware issues you will usually be advised to contact the place you purchased the device from.
      • School technicians cannot provide hardware support to in warranty devices.
My device is being repaired, what do I do
      • The college keeps a supply of netbooks for student short term loan that students can access while theirs is being repaired. These devices will be for day loan only.
I have a BYOD device that I purchased from the school
      • Previous BYOD programs are still active and payments still need to be made until the device is paid off.
Do students need internet access at home?
      • It is highly recommended that students have access to the internet at home in order to undertake online research and access other online resources. Most mobile phones can be set up to provide wireless computer access to the internet.
What if the student can’t afford to purchase a computer device?
      • Our listed suppliers offer a variety of purchase plans .
      • Students/parents/guardians facing financial hardship should contact the college.
What software should I purchase with the computers?
      • The device will need to be purchased with an operating system eg.Windows 10 or OSX. You may also like to consider the purchase of a higher level of antivirus software .
Can students load their textbooks onto their computer devices?
      • Yes, as long as they respect copyright and have purchased a license to do so.
Can students have whatever software and files they like loaded onto their computers?
      • BYOD devices are still covered by the College’s acceptable use agreement. Students are reminded that malicious software will be removed from devices and students must comply with privacy laws and department guidelines.
Do students need to tell the college if they are Bringing Their Own Device
      • YES, All devices need to be registered with the college technicians.
Other questions:
      • If you have questions, please email them to the college