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Prep-Year 6 Curriculum

The P-6 classes at Myrtleford P12 College are vibrant, exciting places to be in. Our staff love to learn, and we encourage our students to be social connected, life-long learners. We promote Growth Mindsets and teach that mistakes are inevitable in life, but they are what we need to help us learn and improve.

Our students benefit from innovative teaching, using state-of-the art Interactive eBoards, student computers and iPads. Year 5 and 6 students collaborate in their learning using Google Apps for Education.

Teachers are committed to treating each student as an individual. Pre-assessment is used to identify where a student’s starting point is so that they receive the correct instruction to help them learn and improve. We want learning to be a visual process so that students can clearly see where they are, what they need to do to improve, and then feel proud when they can see how they have progressed.

Our goal is to produce life-long learners and we believe this is achieved through developing a love of learning through an engaging learning environment.

We wish to create a community that:

We have developed benchmarks for the students to work towards, that encompass our school values:

Some of the features of our P-6 Program are as follows: